Volunteer 4×4 Drivers with Vehicles

About Us

4×4 Response operates at two distinct levels. Nationally it is called 4×4 Response and it acts as an umbrella organisation supporting the teams.
The National organisation is a point of contact for any national issues/questions/proposals, i.e. anything which affects all teams.
It is constituted as a charity with a group of trustees elected by its members (the member teams and any individuals who have individual membership at a national level). Regionally each team is run day-to-day autonomously and will be named regionally (e.g. Wessex 4×4 Response etc.)
This is where the work happens, team members are trained within their teams, and it is the team which builds relationships within its area with user bodies such as the police and ambulance services. The team is called out by the user body.
4×4 Response does not operate its services nationally, where there is a need for a national callout, such a call out then goes from the national level to each relevant team, the teams deploy and work together.

Local groups

Where 4×4 Response UK does not respond, local groups have response as their reason for existing. Groups of volunteers with their own 4×4 vehicles, using specialist equipment, radio communications and specialist training. Responders are drivers with significant personal experience in driving their own 4×4 vehicles in inclement conditions.
Local groups work directly with user bodies to respond to stand by and call out, and for some situations, work on the basis of mutual aid with neighbouring or further out groups. Relationships are built up with local user bodies and Local Resilience Forums to understand and support these ‘customers’. Teams are called out and stood down by user bodies.
Teams can be called by any Category One or Two Responder as defined by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, and by voluntary agencies with whom they have an agreement.