Volunteer 4×4 Drivers with Vehicles

4×4 Response groups across the UK voluntarily provide valuable support to the emergency, statutory and voluntary services. In circumstances where remote locations or uneven terrain are involved, volunteers respond in all weathers, at all times of the day and night 365 days a year. Volunteers use their own four wheel drive vehicles or support those who do, by means of Publicity, Fundraising, Administration and Control Operators.
Through the links above, we provide a single source for information and support to these local community groups who volunteer their vehicles as called upon by user bodies in times of flood, severe weather and other emergencies where four wheel drive is needed.

4×4 Response UK is a CIO Charity with the number 1168451. As a national organisational organisation present most of the teams around the country. We are a point of contact for any national areas which require a national discussion. National is managed by a team of voluntary Trustees and links with local groups through a network of volunteers representing groups and functions. Locally, teams are set up as autonomous groups, many of whom are charities in their own right. 4×4 Response UK does not operate response services nationally, but if the need arises, can coordinate with local teams.